Linda Schiller-Hanna

Clairvoyant/ Psychic/Medium/ Reiki Master

Contact Linda: 440-343-5303

Psychic Readings with Linda Schiller-Hanna

I work via phone or Skype. I record it for you and email an MP3 file to you so you can listen to it again if desired. My minimum fee is $30 for 10 minutes. I accept all major credit cards and Pay Pal and Zelle. Many sessions last for 30 - 45 minutes. Rarely do we go to an hour, unless you have many questions and issues to work out. You don't have to pre-commit to any particular amount of time other than the 10 minute minimum. If you want more time, we just pro-rate based on what time we use.

To book a reading, call 440-343-5303 (best between 9 AM and 9 PM Pacific time), or email me at If you are overseas, we can set up a Skype appointment to avoid phone costs. My Skype address is: Lightworker2222

Every effort is made to work you in as quickly as possible.


I uniquely offer a system that is a hybridization of Gestalt Role Playing along with accessing the Higher Self, as taught me directly by my Spirit Guides. It is a phenomenal tool for resolving stuck patterns, trauma, hurts, and loss. This can be done via phone or on Skype.


This can be done via phone or Skype. I can make contact with your departed loved ones and bring through their messages to help resolve unfinished grief work. These sessions are recorded and you may shared them with your family as you wish. $3 a minute, 10 minute minimum. (Same basic set up as a standard reading). Note: You can have a combination reading and medium-ship session if you desire as well. (For certain criteria prices could be reduced.)

Contact Linda: 440-343-5303

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