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Skylab Prediction

The West Australian Wednesday July 11, 1979

WA skywatch

This was somewhere between 4.49 pm today and 7.49 am tomorrow.

During this time Skylab will make its second, third and fourth orbits over Australia.

On the second orbit at 5.02pm it will cross the WA coast north of Carnarvon and move in a south-easterly direction over the Great Australian Bight.

At 11.18pm, on the third of the orbits the space station will cross the South Australian coast near Adelaide and move north-eastwards over Bundaberg on the Queensland coast.

The fourth orbit will take Skylab on a northeasterly path over Esperance at 12.46am tomorrow.

A spokesman for the Skylab communications centre in Canberra said that these were only three of 10 orbits Skylab was expected to make in that 15-hour period.

"This does not give it a very high probability rating of coming down in W.A." he said.

Of the 500 pieces expected to survive Skylab's fiery dive into the atmosphere, 10 should weight more than 450kg. Among these is a 2,290kg titanium protective shroud and 1,755kg lead safe used to shield film from radiation.

When they hit the earth the smaller pieces will be traveling about 50km/h and bigger pieces at almost 400km/h. likely to be affected had been put on standby.

A duty officer system had been set up with "watching brief" so that SES headquarters and the police could be given an immediate rundown on any assistance needed.

The regional director of the Department of Transportation, Mr. Ellis Kiel, said that his department was closely monitoring the situation with the U.S. Nation Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Once a definite path was known for the last stage of Skylab's life and if it took in WA the department would issue notices of area.

Skylab last night was averaging one orbit every 88 minutes sparking reactions varying between anguish in some countries and amused interest in others.



A Californian woman who dreamt last January that a satellite would hit Perth telephoned The West Australian yesterday.

Miss Linda Shiller (31) of Tardee street, Berkely, California, said she "sometimes has psychic experiences and occasionally dreams."

She was leafing through her diary and found an entry describing a dream she had last January in which a satellite hit a city names Perth.

"I was astonished and thought " My God, that could be Skylab," she said yesterday.

"I did not know where Perth was so looked it up in an atlas."

Miss Shiller said that she could not remember her dream, but notes her diary indicated that the satellite would hit a tall building.

Miss Shiller, who works as a secretary for a transport company, telephoned from her home at her own expense. She said she had had two previous dreams that came true.

One concerned the climax of the Patrica Hearst Kidnapping case and the other involving a friend at sea.

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Letter from the Editor of The West Australian



G.P.O. BOX D162
Perth, W.A.6001

August 7, 1979.

Miss Linda J Schiller
Dear Miss Schiller,

It was very kind of you to telephone The West Australian and warn that Skylab could be an unwanted visitor here.

In terms of space travel you were uncomfortably close to the mark. You will see from the attached clippings that we published a story about you only a day before Skylab came hurtling down in the South-East of Western Australia, some of it less than 400 miles from Perth.

But, as you know, nobody was hurt and there was no harm done. Indeed, Western Australia, celebrating the 150th anniversary of white settlement in its part of the world, was glad to have the international publicity that Skylab brought with it. It even outpointed the Miss Universe contest, which was on at the time in Perth.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your letter about your dream. Thank you, too, for the picture of you.

Best wishes,

Malcom C Uren
Malcolm C Uren

P.S. Sorry we mis-spelt your name in print.

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