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Just as Edgar Cayce was able to access recipes and items to help folks holistically in his readings, Linda has been given help from her guides to bring to market some items as well.

Trich Hat:

Helpful for folks with trichotillomania. Wearing the Trich Hat allows your hair to be protected rather than damaged. Fortunately, during this stage, your hair is given time to safely grow back in. Your Trich Hat provides multiple levels of safety and security for your needs.

Trich Hat
  1. Uniquely anxiety reducing. Your hair is safe from stares and whispers. You can relax in a group.
  2. Your hair is protected from further "attack" due to the special pressure points that mitigate the tension build up.
  3. While in the growing back stage, your hair is covered, which creates a barrier that might cause an unconscious "slip."
  4. Furthermore, no one is the wiser for your slight pressuring action. It just appears that you are "adjusting" your hat. This is a comfortable solution.
  5. Your vulnerability is kept secret under your hat! It is no one else's business.
  6. Over time, your need for the hat will likely diminish, but you can keep it handy for those times of "flare up" and trauma that everyone faces from time to time.

$25.00 for Trich Hat plus shipping.

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Hear Wax

Hear Wax:

Hear Wax is a salve that Linda discovered while doing research to help folks with hearing problems. Linda has received permission from the family of the original discoverer of Hear Wax to develop and market it. The products are natural and you simply apply the salve to the outer ears ...front and back. Many have reported it helpful, particularly in clarifying and making sound more distinct.

$10.00 for 3 ounce jar and plus $4.00 for shipping.

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