Linda Schiller-Hanna

Clairvoyant/ Psychic/Medium/ Reiki Master

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I am a Life Member of the Edgar Cayce Foundation and Assn. of Research and Enlightenment. (ARE). Cayce has emphasized natural healing systems in all his readings and I have been personally helped in countless ways by applying his recommendations Go to to learn more about his readings and his guidance in living a natural way of life.

The products I'm sharing now were not developed in Cayce's lifetime.

Recently, I was guided by a series of supernatural events, to discover help for my ongoing conditions that included lack of focus, intermittent sleep issues, and inconsistent physical energy.

Spirit helped me find the answer to these situations. Zilis UltraCell products were shared with me and I was strongly urged (by my Guides), to use them and to become an Ambassador.

"Follow Spirit without Question"

Who do you know that would like to

  • Ache Less
  • Sleep Better
  • Have More Energy
  • Be Happier

If you have more questions about these natural products that balance your endocanabanoid system (the part of our body that supports hormones and neurotransmitters), then Text me at: 440-343-5303 or call 330-725-0597. I've been blessed by the natural support of Zilis Ultracell products.

If you'd like to explore my product website directly (and you can order independently there), just click on the line below.

After you try them, if you find similar value in this opportunity, you are welcome to join me on my personal team as a Zilis Ambassador.

Thank you!

Contact Linda: 330-725-0597

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